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-Mother Teresa

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Winter Fun

I am delighted to be studying Waldorf education full-time this year! I am up to my elbows in clay, watercolor and crayons as I learn the intricate beauty of the Waldorf curriculum. My children have been quite inspired by all the drawing I've been doing on the kitchen table, and have taken over the space.

I have become very excited about the possibility for Waldorf methods to grow in the realm of public education. If anyone is interested in reading about-- or even better, setting up your own-- Waldorf-inspired charter school, here is a website you shouldn't miss:http://allianceforpublicwaldorfeducation.org/ Maybe in a few decades I'll start one myself. :)

Amidst the delicious homework assignments I am offered so generously, I steal a few moments for knitting (of course) and for making some special gifts for the little people in my house. Both children wanted full-size dolls for Christmas, so that kept me busy... I'm still sewing the promised doll clothes!

We have been enjoying some spectacular winter weather, beginning with perfectly smooth frozen lakes and leading to several feet of snow. In fact, it is soon time for a sledding break.