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-Mother Teresa

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little Elves

Here are my two happy kids getting toasty by the chimney. Below is the doll I made for my son's birthday last month. He has become very attached to it already and won't go to bed without it! I hope to make a tutorial of how to make this doll and post it on the blog. If you are interested in the tutorial let me know, and I will definitely get it done sooner!

Cozy Winter Treats

Much to my delight, my father-in-law's spinning wheel is now in working order, and I am spinning up piles of wool. Between bouts of spinning, I have continued in my pursuit of bread perfection. Discovered last week that the Country White recipe from La Brea Breads makes fantastic baguettes! Had to bake them again. Baguettes, brie and red wine-- makes me think I'm not in Michigan!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Felting

It seems we skipped directly from summer to winter here. We spent the day without jackets on Monday, and woke up to snow and very cold temperatures on Tuesday. The cold weather has put me in a holiday crafting mood. Yesterday we began felting ball ornaments for sale at our local Farmer's Market's Holiday Fair. Along with our felt ball ornaments, I plan to make more of the needle-felted angels I made last year. This time I would like to try some that are top-of-the-tree size. I have also been busy making and selling! (locally) crochet necklaces and earrings. I sent some to my sister for her birthday. Need to call and see if she liked them!