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-Mother Teresa

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Sunshine

Ah there is light at the end of the tunnel! We had temperatures hovering around 75 degrees Fahrenheit today. It felt fabulous. Too bad I spent most of the day inside doing last-minute paperwork and folk-dancing! But I love it that I get to walk to and from workshops each day. Those 10 minute walks 4 times a day lift my spirits each time, regardless of the weather. Only 3 more days until we will begin our two weeks of spring vacation! We will be heading west to visit our good old friends and relatives... Can't deny that I also look forward to visiting all my old haunts: favorite bakery, my old LYS, and SALVATION ARMY, THANK GOD. I MISS YOU. (there are no thrift stores within one hour of my current location-- apparently New Englanders do rummage sales--which are mysterious and sporadic and in as-yet-unknown locations)

Here is a little sunshine (doll) to share with you. I made it as a special order for a special online pal, Alkelda, who is opening her own Etsy shop soon. Thanks again, Alkelda.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Beginnings

I find it almost impossible to resist blog post titles that are either cliches or in some way refer to spring! So today we will go with the cliche. But spring is coming too! Maybe. I have been warned by locals not to expect spring anytime before June. That way, I won't be disappointed (but maybe pleasantly surprised.)
The crocuses, at least, are optimistic.
But who needs spring when we have knitting, weaving, spinning, felting and sewing? I have been happily doing all of the above this winter. The thrummed mittens represent my desperate attempt to create something truly warm to put on my hands. They are complete and working well-- just in time for spring! (Maybe)

Now the weaving... I have to admit that weaving does not attract me the way certain other textile arts do, not to name any names. The only thing that even slightly increases my heart rate in regards to weaving is the thought of weaving huge lengths of silk, linen or wool which I could then cut up and sew into gorgeous clothing/ purses. I just can't get all that excited about table runners, placemats and dish towels. However, they have their place, and I am right there where they are-- at the beginner level! Hence my long lovely piece of uncut dish towel. I may not be excessively fond of dish towels, but I really do enjoy getting to choose the colors and pattern for the first time all by myself. Weaving is one of my job perks since the community has a gorgeous room full of looms to practice on while I keep the other weavers (the developmentally disabled adult residents of my community) company. It is one of the highlights of my weeks, to sit in relatively peaceful company and weave!