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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Something Beautiful

Some of you may be familiar with a beautiful story by Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius. The first time I read that story, I knew it was a keeper. I also knew that I had already produced my (first) "something beautiful": my daughter, C. For Miss Rumphius, her gift to humanity was the sowing of thousands of Lupine seeds. The last photo is from the lupines blooming in our fields a few weeks ago.

It was my daughter's sixth birthday last weekend, and I was pleased to present her with her first birthday crown. I made it out of wool/rayon felt, needle felted with merino and silk, then embroidered and embellished with crystals in matching hues. She looked like a princess in it, as you can see. Note the two lost teeth! Time to start our letters. (You fellow Waldorf-obsessors will understand.)


Maymomvt said...

You've inspired me. The lupines in our area are just going to seed. Perhaps we'll collect some this week and spread them about along the edges of our road. We need more lupine!

dottyspots said...

Beautiful crown for a beautiful girl. Happy birthday to her :0)

dottyspots said...

Hi, I'm glad you both like the mermaid - I just need to tweak the arms a bit and then I'll make the pattern available. I'm currently knitting a dressing gown for my daughter (amongst various little crocheted bits) so may well take a bit of a detour to sort out the arms so I can get the pattern up.

I didn't dye the yarn myself, it's from The Natural Dye Studio http://www.thenaturaldyestudio.com/ - who dye the most beautiful yarn! They're based in England and the yarn used is Blue Faced Leicester, so that particular yarn is wholly produced in the UK.

Amanda has also started dye-ing roving (again using natural dyes) and she has a blog too (linked from the NDS shop).

I absolutely love the yarn and have been busy stashbusting as I'm committing myself to only use more 'ethical yarn' in the future (and one of my friends has very handily just set up a business doing just that too and is also stocking NDS, amongst the gorgeous Manos de Uruguary, etc. http://www.ecoknits.co.uk)

Sorry to rattle on, but I do get very excited by yarn :0)

Teaching Handwork said...

happy birthday! I love the crown! beautiful! i NEED TO TRY SOME NOW!

Chris said...

Ich habe Deinen Blog ganz zufällig durch RingSurf gefunden und dachte ich laß mal einen Gruß aus Deutschland da ;O)
My daughter's five and lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. Now she's anxiously awaiting the next summer to start school at last. Hopefully her enthusiasm lasts for the years to come.