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Friday, October 05, 2007

Birthday Treats

Summer is the time for the girl-birthdays in our family. My daughter and I are both Cancers, and our sensitive feelings and bossiness can attest to that. (Even though I'm not a big astrology fan, I cannot deny that my family members are all true-to-type!) Here are our birthday treats, all homemade, of course! My daughter's cake was based on her request for a Lemon Meringue cake, and it is basic yellow lemon cake filled with lemon custard buttercream and iced with snowy mounds of lemon boiled icing. Wow that was good. For my birthday I kicked the kids and husband out of the house and invited all my girlfriends to my 30th birthday party. We had tea, and I baked five of my favorite pastries. That was good too!

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