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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My hands are something I have always appreciated, but apparently not enough! For the past few weeks I have been suffering from some wrist pain... Don't say that C--- T--- word! I have forced myself to abstain from knitting, and to reduce my typing, and things are feeling much better, but I guess I will make this short. Here are some photos of more exciting arrivals. We figured that even though we only have daffodils blooming indoors, it was okay to bring the new Daffodil Doll out a little early. We are watching for signs of growth outdoors, but so far ice melting is the only sign of spring!


Poppy & Mei said...

Beautiful! She is very cheery.
About your wrist, have you thought about accupuncture/pressure & have you ever seen this? www.emofree.com

sistermama said...

Your daffodil doll looks great. I'm happy to see any sign of spring, even if it is on someone else's blog!

Andrea said...

I have really enjoyed reading your Blog and was tickled to find out that you were a German teacher. My mother is Austrian and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the German language, even though my own abilities are not the greatest. My daughter is learning German from a native speaker right now. Do you teach your children?

Das kleines Blumenkind ist sehr süss!

Poppy & Mei said...

Hi-ya! I found this today & thought of you.
Just follow what she's doing, you don't even have to say it out loud.
I hope you are feeling better though...Xxx

Jackie said...

No fun! I hope your wrists recuperate quickly. You must have a million things that you're itching to make or blog about!

Grace said...

Oh no, rest those wrists! Ice melt is about the only sign of spring our way, too. It has to come eventually...