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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Revelling in Ravelry

If you noticed that I disappeared for.. (let me check... almost a month!) and you wondered where I went, it was to Ravelry. I cannot stop surfing that site! I had no idea it would be so engrossing to look at other people's knitting projects. Its almost embarrassing... strangely voyeuristic, and yet somehow inspiring. If you are a knitter, and have not yet joined, and you wonder, what is this for? Trust me. Try it out, and you will know. (I wondered the same thing.) So, if you want to find me in Ravelry Land, my ID is threadblossom. I have finally posted pics of all my current projects, and I am especially enjoying the one above.

When I began knitting (for the second time, and the first time as an adult) I knew I would have to plod through the scarves and hats to get to what I really wanted to knit: anything and everything with lace. Well, here I am, 10 years later, I am finally having some very long-delayed gratification. I am knitting (a not all that complex) lace shawl for the first time. I would consider this my first REAL lace garment-- I learned yarn-over techniques on a sampler sweater, but it wasn't really lace all over, just interesting stitch patterns. This is the real thing, and I am soooo glad to discover that I actually really enjoy the process. How terrible if, after ten years, I tried it and hated it! Instead, I can't seem to stop; hence the long absence. At least I am sharing my excuses now!
It's not all that impressive yet, but I promise to post the finished project as soon as it's blocked to perfection.


diana said...

hallo, sarah!

ich dachte, du freust dich vielleicht, wenn ich dir einfach mal so einen lieben gruß da lasse.


jordynn said...

What is the yarn in the picture? It's beautiful!