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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spring Beauties

Here are two of our most beautiful sights this week: Lilacs in perfect blossom, and a nest of Robin's Eggs, so conveniently placed on the climb-able tree! We all climbed up-- C on her own, me on my own, and then lifting J to see. He asks again every day, but then decides it's too scary halfway up. I just can't get over this gorgeous shade of blue. I would have to say it's my favorite color. Speaking of color, I was delighted with the way this shawl turned out-- my first Lace Project! This is the Shetland Triangle designed by Evelyn C. Clark for Interweave Knits Wrap Style book. I wanted to knit this pattern for a long time, but was too daunted. I shouldn't have been! It was a grat First Lace Project. The beautiful yarn comes from Cherry Tree Hill. Since it's a mill-end, it had no name for the colorway, but it was just the colors I was searching for. Can't wait to wear it! Now to sew a matching dress... Have to finish C's sundress first. :)


Amy said...

Those eggs are awesome. The blue - I can't get over it either.

woolladyfelter said...

Wow that blue is amazing. - I'm about to start up my indigo pot and I hope I can match that color. Your lace shawl is amazing. Beautiful colors. Congradulations.

jkboller said...

ahhhh!! you're such a bad influence!!:) I have the book WrapStyle where this pattern comes from, and I bought some Hand Maiden Sea Silk for it...but I think I better start with something easier first...look up Snowdrop Lace Scarf at Ravelry...but you got me going!!

The only eggs out here are white...wow, those eggs are a pretty blue!


Cadi said...

Ach wie schoen! :-) Mmmmmmmm... ich kann den Flieder fast riechen. :-) The lace-scarf is just soooOoOooOooo beautiful & awesome. Wow! I always want to do a lace project, but then I think it might be too complicated...

Teaching Handwork said...

sweet eggs!!! and I love the knitting