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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Robin's Egg Blue and a Daffodil Fairy

After many weeks of anticipation, the bulbs we planted in January are finally blooming! We have many miniature daffodils and now a few yellow crocuses as well. Outside, the snow persists--but at least we have sun most days. Inside, we have been busy making more Fairy Dolls inspired by Sally Melville's book, Felt Wee Folk. Much to my delight, these dolls keep C entirely happily occupied during her daily Quiet Times (more for her mother now than for her!) Daily Quiet Time=daily return to sanity for Mommy. During Quiet Time, I have been completing my new pattern, soon to be revealed in its entirety. For now, just another glimpse above. However, the new Blue Felted Robin's Egg and Baby Robin Kits are ready and available in the shop! Have a look via the link to the right. On my second dyeing attempt, I finally achieved a perfect shade of Robin's Egg blue for the wool roving in the kit, and the finished eggs look great.


Grace said...

I'm all about quiet time. Fantastic. I'm excited about my kit...

PS: Our sons have the same name!

Louise said...

I just popped over from Uncommon Grace and I think your blog and your work are lovely. The very best way to get people onto your blog is to start leaving comments and introducing yourself. I have met so many bloggers this way because, like I have done with you, I read the comments and follow the link. Another great way to meet other bloggers is to participate in lots of swaps - and you get lovely things sent to you too!!

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog from Uncommon Grace! Very lovely :)
Your little felted egg and bird set are just so precious!

J's mum said...

Howdy Neighbour, thank you for your comment on my blog, yes it does seem we are neighbours lol. It looks very cold over there, I love to see photo's of the snow but don't miss it from when I lived in the UK. I love your fairies and little felted eggs, I haven't tried to felt yet but would love to learn how to do it if it isn't too hard. I think some fairies might be on the cards for this weekend though since it is looking rainy.
Have a great weekend,
Nicky in New Zealand