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Friday, February 01, 2008

Various Distractions

Here are four of my favorite distractions! I have acquired a love of knitting with beads, and here you can see my current project. I won't say yet what it is, but some of you know :). I will post more photos when it's finished; the pattern is still under construction. In the middle photo there is a more recently acquired obsession-- spinning. As you may recall, I finally managed to get my hands on a spinning wheel last summer, and here in the photo is my first gorgeous dye result. Pictured are wool roving, mohair roving and alpaca roving, which I am carding together to produce a lovely soft, bouncy yarn. Can't wait to knit with it... Must finish pattern... And of course, my two most important and most distracting distractions, looking their rascally best: C, showing off her new (handknit by me) hat with ponytails underneath, and J, who insisted on having his hair in ponytails too.


Grace said...

I never knew about your blog before! It's so cute ... your children are adorable, I've just gone over and purchased something from your shop, and I'm excited to meet another Waldorf inspired homeschooler. This is great!

Thanks for leaving a comment for me the other day. :D

Amy said...

You have some seriously adorable children.

A few months ago at a crafts fair I sat down with a woman who showed me how to spin. I'll enjoy hearing all your spinning stories. It seems like such a meditative, uber-woman activity. :)